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Play and learn using interactive games
Nextlingua Daily are all the tools available for iOS and Android mobile devices. Learn the language you want, starting with the most basic things: pronunciation rules, essential vocabulary, simple phrases, etc. and ending with advanced dialogues based on the material studied. All complemented with: video-lessons, video-dialogues, daily colloquial phrases, songs etc.
Communication with native speakers
Nextlingua Social is a social network where you can meet people who share your interests: languages, culture, travelling or even cooking. You can contact native speakers of the language you are learning, ask them questions, help each other out and make new friends.
Grammar Made Easy
Brief rules and clear tables, conjugations and declensions
The lessons cover basic, intermediate and advanced levels.In addition, there are review lessons and dialogues that will help you consolidate what you have learned.You'll start with the basics: alphabet (through simple words, accompanied by pronunciation rules), essential vocabulary, simple phrases, etc.
Visual Dictionary
Over 15,000 words per language
Nextlingua Dictionary has a visual dictionary containing over 5,000 pictures, examples of each word's usage, declensions (depending on the language), conjugations of all verbs, basic and advanced grammar, and much more information on each word or expression.

Learn Russian because it is the fifth most widely spoken language in the world. Our lessons will help you learn Russian step by step: Cyrillic alphabet, declensions of nouns and adjectives, perfect and imperfect verbs, etc. Despite being a complicated language, our progressive didactics will make it seem very easy.

Learn English, the most international language. While doing the course you will see all the rules you need, conjugations of each verb, examples, uses of words and expressions with different meanings. Learning English has never been easier.

Learn French to boost your professional skills and to make travelling even more enjoyable. Learn its grammar, its different accent marks: acute, grave, circumflex..., rules of pronunciation, etc... There´s no doubt that you will like learning French with our method.

Learn Spanish, one of the fastest growing languages in recent years. The hard part of Spanish is made easy through our fun games and dialogues. The subjunctive will no longer be a challenge for you. Learning Spanish will make it easier for you to travel to a multitude of Spanish-speaking countries.

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